Saturday, 20 July 2013

L'Oreal Acid Watermelon Polish Fade

You might remember that just before my holiday, I posted about the awesome Acid Watermelon nail polish from the L’Oreal Color Riche range.

L'Oreal Acid Watermelon

L'Oreal Acid Watermelon

The colour is absolutely stunning and so vibrant that I couldn't wait to show off my neon toes in sunny Portugal! 

By day two of my holiday my toes had admittedly already seen quite a bit of sun and chlorine but I didn't expect the polish to fade quite as much as it did. I’d noticed that my toes had gone from ‘neon pink’ to ‘baby pink’ before my eyes, but when I repainted one foot, I realised the extent of the fade and was shocked!

Faded L'Oreal Acid Watermelon

It’s not a problem to paint your toes on holiday, after all, the polish dries in seconds and sometimes you might just want to paint them a different colour.

I would however strongly recommend that if you want to wear this particular shade from the L’Oreal range for the duration of your holiday, that you make sure to pack the bottle in your case! You’ll need it. I reapplied twice in the first week!


  1. Very pretty colour!but wow I did t realise that polish would fade that much in the sun and in the pool!

  2. Wow what a fade .... That's mental!!
    Lovely blog, I'd love it if you could check mine out.
    Let me know if you follow so I can follow back!


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